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Dr. Blair Roblin

“Demographics in the western world show a massive wave cresting as the Baby Boomers begin spilling into their senior years. But the impact will be felt by people of all ages, both directly and through people close to us.”​

Blair holds a PhD in health services research and gerontology, a masters in disability studies, an MBA and an LLB.

About Dr. Blair Roblin

I enjoy consulting, speaking and conducting research on matters related to aging – the biggest social phenomenon to hit us in the 21st century. My interests extend to the many ways that aging impacts our lives, including economics, health care, employment, legal rights, consumer trends and technology.

I’m also fascinated by how aging affects us as individuals.  There is a subjective experience associated with aging that defines our daily existence, much of which is ignored in our social discourse.

Dr. Blair Roblin

Dr. Blair Roblin

Speaking Topics

The aging of our society will affect us in all areas of our lives – healthcare, employment, law, housing, consumer trends and technology.


Economic Implications of an Aging Society

The economic effects of aging extend all the way from pension plans to consumer markets.  As a consultant to business, Blair’s insights are drawn from 30 years of investment banking experience, advising boards and management teams on growth strategies, mergers, acquisitions and capital markets.  He holds both Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) and Corporate Finance (CF) designations.

Seniors’ Health Care

Seniors’ Health Care

Health care is the largest single expense for most governments, and seniors’ care is the biggest component.  As a researcher in health care services for seniors, Blair speaks to the growing demand for home care and nursing homes, lengthening wait lists, the burgeoning private-pay sector and the gaps in equity of access to seniors’ care.  He holds a PhD in health policy and gerontology from the University of Toronto.

Old worker

The Role of the Older Worker

As the role of the older worker expands, management teams and HR departments strive to reconfigure the workplace to accommodate the aging workforce.  Blair holds a masters degree in critical disability studies from York University. He is Past Chair and a current board director of March of Dimes Canada, whose 2000 employees provide services for adults with disabilities, including employment assessment and placement.

Blair's Recent Video

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Seniors’ Health Care Policy Documents.

Better home care in Canada: A national action plan
Ontario's actions plan for seniors
Patients first: A roadmap to strengthen home and community care

Technology for Older Adults.

AGE-WELL – Canada’s technology and aging network

Seniors’ Advocacy.

CARP (formerly the Canadian Association of Retired Persons)
ACE (Advocacy Centre for the Elderly)

Physical Fitness as We Age.

Canadian Center for Activity and Aging

Dr. Roblin’s compelling message on ‘The Seniors Tsunami,’ combines a deep knowledge of the relevant issues and practical ways to confront them, now and in the years ahead.

Mary Susan MacDonald

Vice-President Communications, Mensa Canada

I had the opportunity to hear Blair speak on our aging world. I was impressed with his insightful commentaries on how the aging population in Canada affects the economy, labour markets, health and eldercare.

Ed Ng

Professor of Economics and Business, Dalhousie University

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